I grew up with my grandparents on a farm.

They were tough people, looking at life from a very different perspective. Both were busy managing the estate and left me to roam around free of rules, control or toys.

To occupy myself I found friends in nature.  Animals and plants accompanied me with their growth and lives, but the sky was my best companion.

We had a great connection.

Every day the sky showed me new worlds. I saw a whole pallet of blue, an unending variety of clouds, ran under the rain, and tried to register every snowflake or count the stars.

And then, in the evenings, my granny will read me for hours. She gave me the love of books. It is the best present I ever received. I started reading at age of five and never stopped.

I believe that this lack of toys and games to shape my thinking fuelled the fire of my imagination and I began telling stories, inspired by everything around me. I gave life to things we use every day, I came up with many characters and put them all in thrilling situations.

As the years passed, I learned to speak six more languages. English is one of them. In fact, it is my sixth language.

It is why my stories in English always will sound exotic to the natives.

If you can look past the discrepancies in traditional expressions, you can enjoy many tales as a blend of reality and fantasy.

Or we could begin a game.

I will compose a brand-new story for you if you provide me with a keyword that will serve as the foundation.

It will be fun!

And I have never been a millionaire!

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