You all know Him.

He is the best mate.

He is the best colleague.

He is the boyfriend you are dreaming of.

He is Mr. Perfection.

He is the husband every woman will die for.

He is ridiculously sexy. Charming. Sexy. Happy. Sexy. And all of that in once will make you stop breathing when you look at Him.

I am married to Him.

He is The One for me.

We met 13 years ago on a little Greek island.

Since then we are 24/7/13 together ( if you read this in 2019. Otherwise make the mat)

In addition, we are so much in love that we almost hate each other. Do you believe me?

No? You should to.

Our relationship started by exhibit our selves to prove our values as a potential partner.

We wanted the other one to see only the best  and we started playing roles to exaggerate our beauty which soon became useless.

We dropped the masks.

Because only the psychopaths can play a role forever.

When suddenly we realised that his socks are dirty and I snore while asleep, the things went in another direction.

All this weight of each one’s negative sides was carried for far too long.

We made the impossible in order to concentrate on the fact that The Other One is different and not so perfect.

We put too much effort to fight with each other to prove one’s betterness.

Are you asking me why I did not help the things, if I knew what we do to each other?

Are you asking me why I did not speak to him to figure out what is going on?

Are you asking me why I am still with him?

Do not blame me.

I will tell you everything.

I will share with you my part of this relationship.

Moreover, I will start with the fact that I am still in love with Him.

Hence, I do not want to lose Him.

To Be Continued!