This Constant Swaying Makes Me Sick.


I do not care any more how big the waves are.

Sometimes they raise me so high that I can clearly see – there is no land on the horizon.

The closest is in direction ‘Down’, but I can not be engulfed.

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Those two idiots who threw me into the water vowed me to an eternal bathing.

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You think they were threatened by some danger and wanted to get rid of me?


They were full with love.

They loved each other.

They loved everyone else.

They loved the whole world.

Their eyes were full with happiness.

Their hands – locked them to each other.

Their bodies – burning with passion.

Their hearts – overfill with joy.

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(Pathetic! Don’t you feel sick?)


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Buuuuut, that wasn’t enough!

They wanted the world to know about their happiness.

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And then they wrote The Letter.

A naive, but very honest letter:

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‘ Hey,

Thank you for reading our message.

We are nothing else, but two big hearts. Our love is unique. No one ever loved so strong and felt so devoted to each other as we do!

With this letter we want to make you part of our paradise.

It is part of our beautiful love to you and to the world!

We love you! ‘

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Then, they carefully folded the letter, stuffed it in me and threw me into the water.

Red DividerAnd now, I’m just a small, lonely plastic  bottle that brings love to the world on the wings of the ocean waves.