Направо Ми Се Вие Свят От Това Люшкане. За мен вече няма значение дали вълните са големи или малки. Поднасят ме наляво-надясно. Понякога ме вдигат толкова високо, че ясно виждам – няма никаква земя наоколо. Най-близката е в посока надолу, но аз не мога да потъна. Тия идиоти, които ме хвърлиха във водата ме

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Forever, Temporary and Never

In the beginning you were the one. I devoted my heart to the beauty of your eyes. Forever was the future. And then your gaze stabbed my soul. Every day. Every time. The evermore became ephemeral and my heart benumb. A river of pain choke our hope and love and you became never.

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We All Want Happiness

  We All Want Happiness! Happiness is our dream, our life goal, our desired condition. We spend time and effort to define what is it that makes us happy. Is it really the new and bigger house? Or the fastest car? Did the youngest sexy partner made me happier? Why I am not still happy

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Gravity is Guilty for Everything

Close your eyes. Start relaxing  your body to make it almost fluid. Imagine how all your muscles are loose and there is no tense in any of your cells. It doesn’t matter if you can hear sounds. It doesn’t matter if there is light. In fact, nothing matters. It is only you who does. Because,

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