I am a Happy Person, Not an Ugly Woman, I Am Addicted to a Classical Music and Many People Hate Me


I do not.

I mean, I do not hate people.  I do not hate even those who are not fair to me.

I have in my heart only flowers, rabbits, Bambis, butterflies, music, not a drop of badness and my glasses are always pink.

Then, why everyone is afraid of me?

Is it me, or it is a thing called Faith?

I am 60 years old and after so long life experience, I finally started asking myself what is wrong with me!

It is, because I am tired to fight for my place under the sun.

It is because I do not want any more to heal my wounds in order to open space for more.

It is, because I want to share myself.

To explain, what is laying behind everything I did, and why.

It is, because I do not want things like karma and balance.

‘Karma’ is a modern word for Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

‘Balance’ is a modern word for the ancient rules “An eye for an eye”, “a tooth for a tooth”.

Well, in my inner world, does not have karma, does not have balance.

Because, the world of my heart is beautiful, peaceful and magical.

My name is Prolet, English is my 5th language and I will share my life with you.

(Please, be permissive and try to ignore my mistakes! See the message of the story instead! x )

I never been so old and I am shocked how the life’s recapitulation makes me week and insecure.

I believe, telling stories will build a more solid world around me.