Close your eyes.

Start relaxing  your body to make it almost fluid. Imagine how all your muscles are loose and there is no tense in any of your cells.

It doesn’t matter if you can hear sounds. It doesn’t matter if there is light. In fact, nothing matters.

It is only you who does. Because, now it is all about you and your past.

Yes, I know! Many people are ignoring the past. They even hate it. They think the past is responsible for everything. Probably you are one of them too.

Now I will prove you right.

Relax your body and mind, and I will take you there, in the deep, deep, in the deepest past part of your life.

I will take you to the beginning.

In the beginning, when it was dark.

And you were one little nothing. You didn’t have a size. You were out of all the measurement scales we know nowadays.

You didn’t have a colour either. Or a smell. Or anything else to define you as Something.

You were the thing we now call The Freedom.

You were free to go wherever you wanted to. Whenever too. With whoever, also.

You didn’t have any limits. Borders didn’t actually exist.

You were one microscopic part of the huge Universe and you were, as we call it today, Happy. You were happy.

Not that you knew that! No! You didn’t have any idea that you are not pretty. Not ugly either. And you didn’t know you are nothing. You even didn’t know that you didn’t know!

Because Then, no one knew anything. No need to.

Things were living naturally, wandering around without politics, or correctness, or conspiracy or even love. Love wasn’t part of Then. We invented Love now, because Love means Side. Then, when they didn’t have politics, or correctness, or conspiracy, no one needed to take a Side. Hence, forget about Love.

Back to you.

You existed because you did, not because someone created you.

You were floating between stars, planets, asteroids, comments. You slid into black holes and went out. You walked on the Milky way … not that you knew that … and you were part of many other places, which I happened to not know. Or probably it is right to say, I don’t remember. Because I am from Then too.

It doesn’t matter about me. It is all about you.

You, who were The Freedom.

Until the day ( there weren’t days in Then, but it is easier for us to classify elements) … well, until one day something slapped you…errr…not on the face though. It slapped you generally. No need to explain where and how exactly. The result is important. You were drowned in one direction. You weren’t anymore The Freedom. You were The Direction.

This Is When You First Felt The Power Of The Force!

The Force which messed you up and made you what you are now…

Going back to The Force.

This Force pooled you out of The Universe and dropped you in a big thing with waves and many other Nothings like you.

Well, this was the end of you as The Freedom and the beginning of what we know now as a Life.

Life, which was strictly possible only in this place we call it now The Earth.

It is a mystery how you survived on such a hostile planet!

Firstly you were glued to it by The Force of Direction or scientifically called The Gravity. You were splashed in the thing with water, we know it as The Ocean. You weren’t floating freely in the dark through The Universe. You were in The Light. There was one Big Yellow Ball who was burning everything around. You had the The Luck on your side and you survived the burn.

’till one day (this is the moment when we start speaking about days in your Life), when one day something else slapped you and you were glued to it too. And later, some other day something else glued to you and the other thing came too and you all started being one other thing. And later, one other day plus many other days many things glued to you and you all were hit by The Miracle. In this case The Miracle was the light in the eyes of your Creator which light hit the heart of his lady and they all hit again together and made you what you are now …. a human, one miserable mistake of The Force, or The Nature, as we called it now.