We All Dream About Him


To be THE mate.

To be THE partner.

To be THE Mr. Perfection.

To be THE husband every woman will die for.

To be ridiculously sexy.


Sexy. Happy. Sexy.

And all of that in once will make you stop breathing when you look at Him.


I met him.

We fell in love.

He is my husband.

He is HE for me.

We are always together.

We love each other.

Our love is so strong , that we almost hate each other.

Trust me!

In the beginning we exhibit our best sides. We both wanted to show, that we are made from a good material and deserve to be loved.

We played roles and created situations, only to exaggerate own value.

And later we dropped the masks.

Because only psychopaths can play roles for life.

Everything turned upside down when we found out his socks stink and I snore while asleep.

Then we started piling up flaws.

We built a mountain from miracles, only to prove that the Other is different and not so perfect.

And THEN the war started.

The war to prove who is better.

Are you asking me why I did not help the us, if I knew what we do to each other?

Are you asking me why I did not speak to him to figure out what is going on?

Are you asking me why I am still with him?

Do not be hard on me.

I will tell you everything.

I will share with you my part of this relationship.

Moreover, I will start with the fact that I am still in love with Him.

Hence, I do not want to lose Him.

To Be Confirmed!