Let me Tell You More

As everyone else in the world, I am a compilation of all human ingredients.

Except the obvious physical features, I have the invisible ones too.

Emotions, experience, knowledge, value system … you name it, and I have it.

As you do too.

What distinguishes us from each other is that we all give priorities to different elements.

Some of us decide to put on the top of their list the good; others want the bad to lead them.

This is a short generalisation, of course. Because we are a whole of so many and so lovely details that, I have no time or any intention to go through all of them.

What I would like is, you to know is, where my priorities are.


It is only the one I know.

I am not like other people, having many fathers, or not having any.

My dad didn’t lose his personality to me.

He devoted his self to my well-being but he did not forget that he has his own life too, that he is a husband, son, friend and everything else.

Dad raced me as princes.

He thought me that to be princes I have to work for it.

It works!

Purple Divider

I am terrified, that I will loose him soon!

My heart will be broken!

If I have learned anything in my life, I have learned it, because of my mum.

She is exactly the opposite of everything I cannot be.

As lovely she is, as huge her heart is, as the most devoted wife, friend and neighbour she is, I am not.

My daughter is a young and a very beautiful woman and an amazing mother to her two children.

She lives a few thousand kilometres away and she cannot bare me.

Our connection is by blood.

Every time we are together, she demonstrates rejection, condemnation, anger and who knows what else.

To live in peace, we do not keep in touch so much.

There is no other person that deserves to be part of my blog.
I can add that I am married, but soon this will be over.
Therefore, in my heart I have no one else.


My Skills

Curiosity 100
Quick Learner 100
WordPress and Web Design 95
Polyglot 95