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Your manuscript was brought to our attention at the latest Editorial Board meeting when we discussed the
potential of its publication. Having read all the reports and taken note of the Editors’ opinions we can
confidently state that your work was found to be an intriguing, immersive collection of short stories, each
one unique and well-written. The Board was impressed by your remarkable ability to invoke a powerful
whirlwind of emotions within the reader, and your talent for painting a vivid scene is to be commended.
You showcase a masterful way with words in this collection and we applaud the time and passion you’ve
put into this piece. The Board particularly appreciated ‘Kolcho the Saviour’. Ultimately it is felt your work
would captive a wide audience and has the potential to excel within the market.

An International Publishing House, RE: ‘Red’

Natural Talent

The book of Twists

The titles of these stories give almost no indication of what the stories are about. Reading creates a mental picture of an environment filled with unique characters and situations. Everything feels genuine. Some characters are so real that they feel like people we know. Normal daily routines result in unusual situations and, invariably, a shocking conclusion.

Christina Brown

…My colleagues and I have been discussing various aspects of your collection and have agreed that your stories are well-written with an eclectic range of narratives throughout, we see potential in the work. We believe that it deserves a chance to reach the general readership and this can be achieved with the publicity capabilities we can provide…

Publishing House , London

A True Masterpiece, Bravo!

Great debut of an author who is writing in her 6th language! Admirations!

Gerald Hendley

Some Daily Life

 Shocking stories! We all can relate to the characters. I love the picturesque way of describing actions and reasons.

Maria Taylor

Best Author Debut

Страхотна Книга!

“Червено” е книга, микс от криминални разкази с тъмна нотка, реалност и нещо неочаквано. Те нямат нищо общо с полираните холивудски истории, с които сме свикнали. Май не смо Европейското кино, но и Европейските писатели ни предлагат една различна гледна точка на това, как да прекарваме качествено свободното си време. Ще следя за следващите издания на писателката!


Captivating Stories With Dark Twist

A True Masterpiece, Bravo!

I really like the stories. They might be figments of the imagination, but are part of life and presented shockingly to the reader!

James Hendley

Много Интересни Разкази!

Тези истории ме накараха да се смея, да плача или да замръзна от изненада от развоя. Добре написани, те ме накараха да се замисля как не познаваме живота на хората, скрити зад вратите на домовете си, дори да са ни близки.

Нина Георгиева

I Hope There Will be a Second Book

This book will change your perspective on life

A Unique Way To Tell a Story

Very interesting stories. They start somehow, lead the reader in a logical direction and finish completely unexpectedly! Looking forward to a new book!

Laura Scott