My Army Has Many Soldiers


They all come with different personalities and desires, different habits and different discipline levels. They all have different education, goals and hearts.

They see the world differently too. Some of them wake in the morning with smile. Smile seeing the blessing to be born in this world and to be alive this day.

Others hate every moment of their lives.

I also see soldiers who are simply afraid. From everything. Every day and every night.

I mostly love the brave soldiers. These solders, who are ready to run in front of me and protect me. These who will give everything they have, including their lives for me. To make me happy. To make me a winner.

As a commander, I tried to unite the army and I failed.

Yes, I failed miserable.

All of them were fighting each other, dragging themselves into different directions.

We were not a team. We were a crowd of many commanders.

We never won a battle together. But they did. Every single of them won their little fight and were the generals.

Today is the day I have decided to take care of all of us and put things in order. We have many battles to attend together and we have to act as one body if we want to win.

I am sick of working hard and achieving nothing. I am sick every one of the soldier to take over me and control my decisions. I sabotaged myself too many times allowing them all to rule me and push me in their own directions.

This will stop now. Yes, really NOW! What I am going to do is I will have a personal meeting with all of them and will make them an offer they will be unable to resist.

An offer of love.

The last soldier I want to meet is Fear. He is the strongest one. Whenever I give a command for action, Fear will stand up in front of everyone and will put out many and solid arguments to stop all of us of going into this battle.

Fear soldier is very powerful and works on many levels. Fear does not believe in facts, it does not believe in knowledge or experience. Fear will ignore wishes, goals and plans. Fear will ignore even the common sense. Fear believes only in disaster.

When Fear speaks, all other soldiers are silent. Yes, they do try to argue but only in the beginning of the conversation. After a few minutes only, Fear will take over and I see everyone, fading as flowers burnt from the sun.

Fear is the one who will promise to all of them security and shadow from the heat.

Fear will promise to take care of them and keep them alive by not listening to me. To their commander.

Most of the soldiers are falling in Fear’s shadow at once. Others try to defend me and show to me their love. Unfortunately only for a short time.

When Fear is around, all soldiers feel his spell. They feel no trust, no happiness. They do not want anything any more. They do not look around and they do not see any more.

Good Wishes, Visions and Dreams will hide behind the barrack walls and will come out only if I push them hard. They are weak. They are too gentle to fight Fear. They are fragile. To blossom they need Love and Strength. They need Believe to start and Perseverance to help them grow.

I have a new battle to attend. I have to win it. It is the Big Battle. After this one, my army will be different. Very different.

Disappointment never will be its commander any more.

If I win this battle, the next army will be a strong and capable, marching in one direction, fighting the same battles, winning and losing as a team and all soldiers will be happy.

Today I refuse Fear to control my birth rights to be the commander of my life. I am born with this title and position. I’ve been given an army of many soldiers and failed to make them work for me. Being a bad commander, I created a group of lazy, ignorant, evil, stupid, bitter and hopeless hooligans who refused to be my soldiers. We all became bandits and saboteurs.

Well, today I say STOP, BASTA, ENOUGH, STIGA!

I went to see Love to ask to cover everyone with its light.

Then I went to wake Believe and ask for help.

The Strength was ready to support us all.

We all surrounded Dreams and Wishes in secure circle and went to see Fear.

Today Fear was the worst ever. Dark and powerful.

Fear knew something is going on and was prepared for a war and was with his friends Scary, Creepy, Ugly, Liar, Ignorance and a few more bandits.

I stood firmly front of all and introduce to them Peace as my new assistant.

Love joined us, as did Strength, Believe and Hope. We all hugged Fear and reminded him that his real name is Care.

We told him all stories how Care saved our lives in many battles by foreseeing problems and asking for solutions. We reminded Care that he is from the same family with Love and sometime ago they were as brothers.

Dreams and Wishes came out of the security and confessed that they exist because Care saved them from failure.

I went back to the little corner by the door, just in time to see how Scary, Creepy, Ugly, Ignorance and Liar slipped out in the dark without a word.

They have no place in my army! They are out!

I won back my Love, my Hope, my Believe, my Dreams, my Wishes, my Strength.

And I saw the rebirth of my Care as the death of Fear.


I am the commander of my life!