Here I am.

Driving the car, going to work.

It is early morning and the fog is so thick that one can cut it with a knife and store it for another time.

I am driving a RHD car in a LHD world. Usually this creates some difficulties, but in this instance wasn’t so important detail. Because, my driving was more like a crawling on the road, than speeding accompanied by loud music and wind in my curls.

Hey!  I am unable to see the world around me!

Except the road marks and signs. I see all of them.

Here is one. It says to me that there is a left corner ahead.

Thank you. I am prepared now.

Another one. Again left. I am prepared again.

Crossroad. Big deal. I am prepared for it.

And again and again, and again… Many signs on the road.

And suddenly I felt like the queen of the world ( I am a female in this story).

Someone made a great research by mapping the road and its dangerous sectors.

Another one has drowned pictures with very elementary (Watson) messages.

Others came up with the idea of producing these messages on a metal and after that endless number of people walked the road and planted the signs there.

To warn me for an eventual problem.

To tell me that they love me and want me to be safe.

To ensure me that I can trust them and I can easily drive from place to place without fearing the next.

Yes, I love you too! And I am grateful for your hard work and thoughtfulness!

You make me to enjoy my driving and to feel secure!

And you! Yes, you!

You, who believe that these marks and signs on the road are to make you to feel submissive and you think you know better!

You, who never follow the recommendations,!

You, who love risking your life!

You are an idiot!

…and I arrived safely to work.