P.B. Young is currently involved in a groundbreaking project developed by World Artist Management. As part of the project, P.B. Young is hosting two exciting contests – the “Between Borders and Beyond” writing contest and the “Between Borders and Beyond” photography contest, both focused on the topic of immigration.

World Artist Management, a global agency that represents talented artists in the fields of, film, TV, music, art and literature, created this project to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities that immigrants face in our increasingly interconnected world. With the aim of promoting understanding and empathy, World Artist Management hopes to inspire people to embrace diversity and celebrate the contributions of immigrants to our society.

As the host of the “Between Borders and Beyond” writing contest, P.B. Young is inviting writers from all over the world to share their creative stories on the theme of immigration. Participants are encouraged to explore the complex issues surrounding the subject, including the reasons why people migrate, the challenges they face when adapting to a new culture, and the impact of immigration policies on families and communities.

The “Between Borders and Beyond” photography contest, also hosted by P.B. Young, is open to photographers of all levels who want to capture the beauty, resilience, and diversity of immigrant communities. Participants can submit photographs that showcase the rich cultural traditions, the vibrant street life, and the everyday struggles and triumphs of immigrants around the world.

Both contests offer cash prizes, publication opportunities, and the chance to connect with a global audience. The winners will also have the honour of being featured in a special exhibition that will tour several cities in the world.

P.B. Young is an ideal host for these contests. Her deep understanding of the challenges and aspirations of immigrants, as well as her gift for storytelling, will inspire and motivate participants to share their own unique perspectives on this vital topic.

Their involvement in World Artist Management’s “Between Borders and Beyond” project is a testament to her commitment to promoting social justice, diversity, and human rights through her writing and activism. Her hosting of these two contests provides a platform for artists from different backgrounds and disciplines to share their creativity and contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate world.