We All Want Happiness!

Happiness is our dream, our life goal, our desired condition.

We spend time and effort to define what is it that makes us happy.

Is it really the new and bigger house? Or the fastest car? Did the youngest sexy partner made me happier? Why I am not still happy only a month after buying the new ridiculously expensive unnecessary device…

Every morning the awakening puts before us the question about the day. Is it going to be a happy day? Happier than yesterday?

We all ask questions. Some of us ask them selves, others discuss happiness with friends and families. There are people who pay to professionals to ask these, the same questions.

In their desperation, people will look for miracles and easy options to achieve THE thing.

Just a brisk note, before to go to the main subject …
With all my respect to all life coaches…. Hey, people? Yes, you! You who are paying money to find happiness! Do you really expect the other one to be a specialist of it? Huh? … just asking…
And here is the next point.
Once we achieve what we were looking for, we forget about everything and we start again. There is something else that will make us happier.
Not this one! I already have it! I took it!
Let’s go from here to another level.
Yes! Let’s go!
Fight for happiness… whatever this is for you! Go there and get it! Even if you have to pay for it, do it! Because whatever you do will make you happy! Even if it is for one hour! Even when you know it will not last for long – take it!
Because this is our nature – to seek, to learn, to enjoy, to experience!

This is me too.
I do seek nirvana as you all do. And I find it in many, many things! And I do enjoy it!
A few years ago I used to destroy it, though! Almost before to have it.
I was unhappy achieving the condition, because I knew it is not going to last for long! And this made me already unhappy to be happy!
Now I know what happiness is for me- I always can have it, because my one has millions of sides.
One is the zestfulness of my love. Another is the smile of a beautiful flower. Why not to mention the rain on colourful autumn trees, and me enjoying it through the window of my cozy room… And more, and more, and more. All is happiness.
The thing is that now days it is easier to be happy. Or it is for the people who live in developed countries.
There are many options around who can contribute to our better level.
We do not fight for life, we do not fight for food, we do not fight for anything special than happiness.
Therefore it is normal for us to kill the happiness.
Because we do not appreciate it. Because once achieved we have another option for more. And more, and more.
Therefore it is ok to say – ‘Oh! It is OK to die. At least he/she/it had a good life’
Or … worst …. Killing animals, and excusing it, because they were happy …
Errrrr …. I really do not understand the logic …. Kill the happy one and leave the unhappy one to suffer! That is it?

Is the happiness a criteria to make a choice who to live and who to die?
When you kill to eat what happens is you KILL to eat! Nothing else! You kill! This is what the humanity does for centuries to survive.
If you do not want to kill, take the food substitutes and shut up!
But do NOT come with this PERVERTED excuse of a motion that you kill the happy ones only!
By eating them you will not receive their happiness!
The happiness is in your sick little head!
Go dig in it and find it!